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10 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Dog

Spending Valentine's Day with your dog? Here's how to make it great!

Valentine's Day is not just about celebrating love with a significant other. It's also a day to show love to everyone that matters in your life, including your furry friends. If you're a dog owner, there are plenty of fun and engaging ways you can spend Valentine's Day with your pooch. Here are 10 ways to make this Valentine's Day extra special for you and your beloved pet.

Valentines dog with toy

1. Go for a Long Walk

Start off the day with a long, leisurely walk. This not only gives your dog a chance to exercise but also allows you both to enjoy each other's company in a relaxed setting. Visiting a dog-friendly space or even hit the beach, change of scenery can be good for both of you.

Picture of us on a walk:

Maisy at Fraisthorpe Dog Friendly Beach and Campsit
Maisy at Fraisthorpe Dog Friendly Beach and Campsite Near Bridlington

2. Bake Some Dog Treats

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with sweets, so why not bake some dog-friendly treats? You can find plenty of recipes online that are safe and healthy for dogs. This way, your dog can also enjoy some Valentine's Day indulgence.

See our dog treat blog for tasty valentines treats!

3. Play a New Game

Try out a new game with your dog. Whether it's a new fetch toy or a puzzle game, introducing a new activity can be an exciting way to spend the day together.

Order one of our boxes that have a fun game to play & trick to learn:

4. Have a Photo Shoot

Take some cute photos of your dog. You can even get creative and use Valentine's Day props. This can be a fun activity and you'll end up with some adorable photos to remember the day.

5. Visit a Pet Spa

Treat your dog to a day at a pet spa. A nice grooming session can be a relaxing experience for your dog and they'll come out looking and feeling great.

Local pet spas to chesterfield include:

6. Organise a Playdate

Organise a playdate with other dog friends. This can be a fun social event for your dog and also gives you the chance to catch up with fellow dog owners.

Local fields of freedom:

7. Have a Movie Night

End the day with a cosy movie night. Choose a dog-themed movie, prepare some popcorn for yourself and some dog-friendly snacks for your pet, and enjoy the movie together.

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8. Visit a Dog Café

Take your dog to a dog-friendly café. Many cafes now welcome dogs and some even have special menus for them. This can be a fun and novel experience for your dog. If they don’t have the right treats for your dog we can let you know which will keep them entertained whilst you enjoy your food.

4 Dog Café in Derbyshire worth visiting:

  • Nourish 44 @ Belper - it has dog blankets and treats for your furry friend to enjoy whilst you have good food and a drink or two.

  • Café in the park at Matlock. It has an indoor and outdoor dog area, perfect place for families to go.

  • Koo Chesterfield has a dog friendly area, with water bowls & tasty treats inside

  • The Hunloke Arms, Wingerworth is a pet friendly pub with fantastic food, it’s our local, we recommend booking. Dogs are allowed in the bar area and outside in the beer garden.

9. Get a New Toy

Surprise your dog with a new toy. Whether it's a chew toy, a squeaky toy, or a tug-of-war rope, a new toy can provide hours of entertainment for your dog.

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10. Cuddle Time

Finally, there's nothing like a good cuddle session to end the day. Dogs are known to be great stress relievers and cuddling with them can boost your mood and help you unwind.

Remember, the most important thing is to spend quality time with your dog and show them how much they mean to you. After all, Valentine's Day is all about expressing love and who better to spend it with than our loyal and loving dogs.

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