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Fun at the Farmer's Market in Sawley

Updated: May 22, 2023

The Woofy Boxes second fayre of the season at The White Lion in Sawley

Selling 100% Natural Dog Treats and handmade gifts

Saturday 20/05/2023 we attended a farmers market in Sawley.

This summer we are excited to attend plenty of summer fayre's, farmers markets and car boots . We were asked to attend a newly established farmers market in Nottinghamshire and we thought we'd give it a try!

Our First Impressions

This very well presented pub, with a true English country pub vibe, was around 30 - 45 minutes from our base in Wingerworth. When we arrived we were greeted with such a warm welcome, in a busy atmosphere of stalls setting up ready for the day.

We took our eldest son with us to learn the ropes of the family business and set up our stall, not sure a 7 year old and putting up a stall is the easiest thing, he was at least up for the challenge and ready to meet and greet the public and their pooches.

Father & Son working together.

We were next to a lovely lady selling the most gorgeous plants and flower bunches and next to Hollow Farm which sold fresh meat at fantastic value.

Before the farmers market opened, after setting up the stall, we had a look at the stalls that had arrived. There was approximately 16 stalls full of handmade gifts from crocheted stuffed animals, knitted crafts, hand sewn items and beautifully made resin & beaded jewellery accessories. You could also enjoy home baked treats, savoury and sweet, from Amelia's Artisan Bakery or you could buy some home made chutney's, jam and local honey. This farmers market had plenty of outdoor space and plenty to offer. If you fancy a trip over to Sawley they happen every 3rd Saturday of the month.

How we faired

This was definitely one of our best fayres. We had a lovely spot and met plenty of gorgeous pooches who were all very well behaved. Even the managers of the pub had the sweetest puppy called Beau.

We never know what fayre's will be like from footfall, what the best sellers will be and if we have brought the right stock. Luckily for us we covered all the above and more.

We passed on a lot of valuable information about our treats and we also received some amazing feedback from the fabulous dog owners and their happy pooches, some couldn't even wait to eat the treats they chose themselves. So far we have found that there is not many other stalls like ours and you don't often see natural dog treats at value prices, that can cater for such a wide variety of dietary needs. We also encourage that you bring your dog with you so you can let them have a smell of the treats and choose their own treats. So many owners were surprised at what their dogs chose as they wouldn't have thought that they'd have picked them.

This is a fayre we will happily attend again in the near future!

Check our Facebook post to see some of the dog's and the treats they chose here.

One happy customer at the farmer's market in Sawley

Pros and Cons of attending one of our fayres.

So much online shopping is available now, as you know, we do have a website that we sell our treats from, but it isn't always the way we prefer to sell our treats. Here's the low down on our pro's to selling at the fayres we attend.

What we love about attending fayres:

  • We actually love meeting you, getting to know you and your pooch and any dietary needs.

  • Seeing what your dogs like by using one of their best senses, their nose, to pick out treats that they like the smell of.

  • Showing you items we don't have on the website, or brand new products that we only take to fayre's.

  • We also love hearing about your dogs, their funny stories, little quirks and where you are up to on your training, activities and even holidays you've been on or that are coming up.

There are always cons to anything in life, for us the cons to attending any fayre are simple but they can make a massive impact on our business. Some of these are:

  • Not being able to spend as much time with you and your dogs when we are busy.

  • Running out of stock that your pooch loves, especially if it's early in the fayre.

  • Not having the right treats with us, but we are happy to help you in any way we can, its just not always possible to take everything.

  • One of the big issues for any business attending events, THE GREAT BRITISH WEATHER!

As any small business we can't please everyone all at the same time, but with our pro's & con's we try our hardest to accommodate your dog's needs. We really hope to see you in the future, whether it be online or in person. you can keep updated via our social media about the fayre's we will attend here.

Handmade Dog Accessories especially for The Woofy Box


We are so glad to be asked to attend the event at Sawley,

We might sell you dog treats but we are also there to listen to your stories, help you with any other needs your dog may have, even if we have to direct you to other services that might help you if we can't. No question is too silly and if we don't have what you're looking for just get in touch and we will always be happy to help.

If you haven't been to The White Lion at Sawley it really is a nice place to visit, enjoy a drink or two, enjoy the beautiful beer gardens and best of all it's super dog friendly!!

The next fayre we attend will be in Sawley JULY 2023.

We really hope to see you, and look forward to meeting you! This market is a fast growing market with plenty of different stalls to cater for everyone, I honestly believe it will become popular as the managers are full of ideas to help other small businesses, with some great events lined up in the future.

Our Next Fayre is the 3RD OF JUNE 2023 at the Kelstedge Inn, Ashover.

Visit The White Lion at Sawley for directions, see their event and more.

Fancy ordering your beloved pooch some treats today. Follow this link to our shop

If you attended Sawley and you have any pictures of your dogs and/or would like to be featured on our website or you would like to leave us a review, you can send it here



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