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Treat Games For Dogs Using Natural Dog Treats

How to use our natural treats in games to provide mental stimulation by letting your dog pick their own treats.

100% Natural dog treats - Treat games for dogs providing mental and physical stimulation

Border Collie Choosing A Natural Hairy Rabbit Ear To Eat
Moss & His Rabbit Ear

As dog owners we want what's best for our dogs, we want them to live a life, full of fun, lovely walks, tasty treats and everlasting love.

One thing we've found, that owners struggle with, is having to change their routines due to events out of their control such as weather, ill health or commitments you can't control. Sometimes we then feel guilty for not giving our dogs what they need.

Well truth be told, we've felt that way and this is how we have helped keep our collie dogs entertained mentally and physically, during times we haven't given them what we have felt they needed which has now become part of their routine. We will be releasing a new game every month to help you enrich the life our your dog and help you maintain your bond during busy times.

Treat Games For Dogs -using 100% natural dog treats

This is a game that we use on days when its too hot to go on walks but they still have time in the garden when its cooler late in the afternoon. You can also use this game during bad weather such as thunder storms or events like fireworks night .

All you need is a selection of high drive, tasty treats, some space indoor or outdoor and a willing pooch!

Steps for Treat Games Using Natural Dog Treats:

  • Get at least 2-3 treats per dog to choose from, using treats that are different in scent, texture and taste to really get their senses going.

  • Take your dog(s) into the space you wish to play the game and put them into a sit or down position. Ask them to stay or wait until you prepare the game. This will help dogs that struggle to stay in positions when asked. We will be providing a guide for basic training soon, keep an eye out on social media.

  • Whilst your dog is in a sit or a down place the treats with 5 -10cm space between them, you can place the wider as your dog gets used to the game.

  • Release your dog from the position you asked them to be in and see which treat they choose.

  • Remove the other treats for a different game another time & don't leave them unsupervised whilst enjoying their treat. See below our alternate game to use as a treat games for dogs using natural dog treats.

Here's our Collie's enjoying picking there treats!

Alternate Game Idea With Natural Dog Treats:

This game can be used in many different ways. One of the ways could be a search and find game once they have chosen their natural dog treat. Here are the steps:

  1. Follow steps from above, once your dog has chosen their treat, place them in a down or position again.

  2. Ask your pooch to stay. If this is your first search and find game you can hide your dogs treat in sight of your dog, so they understand what they need to do. If your dog is experienced in this game, you can put your dog in another area whist you hide their treat.

  3. Find a word your don't already use to ask your dog to find his treat. You could use 'search' or 'Find'.

  4. Repeat the steps to continue the game. If you are using a larger treat, you can let them have the chew for a few minuets, then start the game again with the same chew. If you have a dog that resource guards we recommend you use smaller training treats.

Use Your Imagination To Invent New Games With Natural Dog Treats:

Once your dog find the above games less stimulating, we find the best way to keep things fresh, is too come up with slightly different variations of games. You could use a toy instead. Try playing the game out on walks or use much smaller bitesize treats to prolong the game.

Enjoy Your Time:

Thank you for reading!

We hope you have found this game guide useful and we hope you enjoy spending time with your dog. Over the next few months we will be providing you with some extra games and tips to use over the summer heat. Let us know how you get on via our social media pages or email, we love hearing from you. We are always happy to help if you are struggling to get your dog to engage.

Remember use treats in moderation. If your dog has any allergies, conditions or sensitives please consult your vet or contact us for advice. Supervise your dog with any treats.

Here's some treats you may use for your games or click the shop now button to see some other delicious treats:



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