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Permanently neutralise unwanted stains and odours from your home or leisure investment with PowAir Penetrator. This natural enzymatic spray works by eliminating odours at a molecular level, combining industrial strength beneficial bacteria with natural, plant based active ingredients. The PowAir molecules will bond with any odour molecules, render them null and inert, eliminating them.


PowAir Odour Neutralisers are extremely versatile meaning you can use them to eliminate a variety of odours in a wide range of environments.

Long Lasting

Our natural, plant based odour eliminators are a quick and easy solution to long lasting odour protection in your home or workplace.


The entire PowAir range is made up of natural, plant based active ingredients that really work to eliminate odours at their source.


PowAir’s best-selling enzymatic formula permanently removes pet stains and eliminates foul odours directly from the source in a way that is both pet safe and kind to the environment. Whether its red wine on your new table cloth or dog urine on your carpet this pet smell neutralising spray is bound to save the day. Our fantastic range of enzymatic sprays combine industrial strength beneficial bacteria with natural essential oils, making us stand out from our competitors that use harmful ingredients.

Pow Air Penetrator

PriceFrom £10.99
  • Please Note - All Pow Air products will be sent in a seperate box to all dog treats

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