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PowAir Spray is an easy odour removal product made from plant based active ingredients that acts as the perfect natural room spray.

This easy odour removal spray can be used in any environment in order to neutralise unwanted smells quickly and efficiently. With multiple fragrances to choose from, this rapid odour neutraliser leaves a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance in your home by directly attacking odour molecules.

With PowAir Spray you can rest assured that your home, vehicle, or workplace always smells inviting for yourself and visitors.

You can also buy a sample size to try the scents or use it in the car.


  • Tropical Breeze
  • Apple Crumble
  • Lemongrass
  • Passion Fruit



PowAir Odour Neutralisers are extremely versatile meaning you can use them to eliminate a variety of odours in a wide range of environments.

Long Lasting

Our natural, plant based odour eliminators are a quick and easy solution to long lasting odour protection in your home or workplace.


The entire PowAir range is made up of natural, plant based active ingredients that really work to eliminate odours at their source

PowAir Spray

PriceFrom £1.99
  • Where to use: PowAir Spray

    PowAir Spray can be used on any surface, in any environment. Whether that’s on the upholstery in your living room or on any carpets and rugs in your home or workplace, PowAir Spray is guaranteed to refresh the atmosphere.

    You don’t have to limit your odour neutralisation to the indoors either! PowAir Spray is perfect to use inside of vehicles, especially for those living with smokers! It’s a quick and easy solution to eliminating smoke smells, and even food odours, before welcoming guests into your car. Plus, we haven’t forgotten about those uninvited damp and mould smells that your motorhome may encounter during the drain down season. A quick spritz of PowAir Spray will have your leisure investment smelling brand new in no time.

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