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Introducing our delicious and nutritious Tripe Jerky Sticks for your furry friend! Each bag contains approximately 20 all-natural beef tripe jerky sticks. These jerky sticks are quite soft, so they can easily be broken up into smaller pieces for training or given as a whole stick for a satisfying treat. Made from high-quality, real beef tripe, these jerky sticks are packed with protein and essential nutrients to keep your dog healthy and happy. Treat your pup to a tasty and wholesome snack with our Tripe Jerky Sticks!

Tripe Jerky Sticks

  • Composition: 100% Beef

    Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein: 80.5%, Crude Oils / Fats: 3.5%, Moisture: 10%, Crude Ash: 3%, Fibre: 3%

  • Storage: Please keep in a dry and cool place away from any direct sunlight/heat sources.

    Feeding Guide: Complementary feeds for dogs. Suitable for dogs from 8+ weeks. Not suitable for human consumption.

    Please ensure your dog has plenty of fresh water daily. Supervision of all natural treats is advised. 

    Just so you know although much care is taken when producing natural treats, some small bone particles may appear in some treats which are safe for your dog to consume.

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